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Thursday, January 10, 2019

The 2019 Trump federal shutdown. Any emergent health impacts?

We are mired in an absurd and increasingly dangerous time.
“I have the absolute right to do a national emergency if I want.” — 45th rate "Acting" Celebrity Apprentice @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
"DO" a "national emergency?" SMH. One either exists or it does not.

Are we seeing any significant public and individual health impacts yet? The stresses on furloughed federal workers have gotta be severe and damaging.

Stay tuned. Think "FDA. USDA, EPA, HHS, CMS, NIH, CDC," the agency level for openers.

Paul Krugman: "Does contaminated food smell like Freedom?"


The Guardian's Jessica Glenza:
How the government shutdown could affect your health
Key government services like food inspections, health exposure assessments and cash assistance for groceries have been frayed

Food inspections, assessing health effects of toxic chemicals and cash assistance for groceries – all are services performed by the federal government, and all are now frayed by the partial government shutdown.

The US Food and Drug Administration, responsible for inspecting more than 80,000 food facilities, has curtailed inspections. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry has suspended health exposure assessments. Cash assistance to buy groceries, commonly called food stamps, are funded through February – but beyond that is a question mark.

As the partial US government shutdown appears to be heading into its fourth week over a row of border wall funding, funds for programs like these increasingly look like reservoirs in a drought, with bureaucrats shuffling money to keep taps flowing but little more than uncertainty on the horizon…
Government Shutdown Spares Medicare, Medicaid, But Has Other Impacts
The partial government shutdown is not affecting Medicare and Medicaid, but other health-related services are feeling the pinch.

I just finished this book.

Compelling. 1,650 curated citations, sort of a comprehensive "meta-analysis" comprising the "theory-of-the-case" evidence on Donald Trump. Recommend also House of Trump, House of Putin and The Apprentice, just to cite two more I've studied.

This is indeed a dangerous time.

More to come...

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