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Thursday, August 29, 2019

EHRs and scribes

I've been a year+ overdue for an eye exam, so off I went yesterday. New patient at the Katzen Eye Group nearby in Lutherville. My wife used them recently and recommended them to me (they take our opto insurance we get through her employer--not using Kaiser for this benefit).

Excellent. They're on the NextGen EHR. And they use scribes, which I found rather effective. When I was with the REC/QIO, we served client clinics on NextGen. I found it a tad busy for my workflow taste. But, that was then, this is now.
They gave me login/setup info for their NextGen portal. Have yet to set it up. Most portals I've used are pretty feeble. We'll see.
Found out I have mild cataracts (no other pathologies). I'm probably about 5 years out from a mitigative eye surgery px. Ugh.

From AAFP:

Scribes Lessen FPs' Administrative Burden, Researchers Find

We used to have "coders." Those gigs are now kaput. Now, increasingly, we have mid-office scribe support staff. My last Primary at Muir in CA started using a scribe. I support this idea. They probably pay for themselves and then some (and I'd speculate are more accurate), net, across the board.


This quick review is in my Scientific American special edition "Truth, lies, and uncertainty." Bought and downloaded it. Just started. Stay tuned.

More to come...

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