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Friday, August 23, 2019

SAVR the moment, one year on

My cardiac surgeon snapped this pic of my failing aortic valve one year ago this morning prior to replacing it.

I sailed through post-op home care and then cardiac rehab. I'm since off my BP meds, down 20 lbs. Doing OK. Lucky to be alive. I never lose sight of that. Adjusting to life now in Baltimore, looking forward to a new grandson arriving soon.


The AI Now Institute is searching for an EDITORIAL LEAD for its NYC office.
The Editorial Lead will work closely with AI Now’s Research, Operations, and Communications staff to develop a range of editorial outputs based on original research and aimed at public audiences. The person in this role will have editorial responsibility for AI Now’s reports (including our annual report), white papers, blog posts, and other publications across a range of core research areas such as algorithmic accountability, bias and inclusion, rights and liberties, labor and automation, and safety and critical infrastructure...
Speaking of AI, interesting post up at The Neurologica Blog.

ERRATUM. Weather forecast: "It's Raining Microplastics."

More to come...

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