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Thursday, October 3, 2019


Just happened onto this. If an endless, rambling stream of lies and fatuous platitudes were legal tender, Donald Trump would be a billionaire.

If and when they publish the video, I'll post it here so you can decide for yourselves. UPDATE: Here's a C-SPAN link.

OK. Found the embed code:

Hour an four minutes, maybe 10-15 minutes nominally on "healthcare." The rest was standard MAGA Rally re-election campaign appearance schtick, at once effusively self-congratulatory and melodramatically aggrieved--probably on the taxpayers' dime.

Healthcare related, a prior post: "Can medicine be cured?"


Trump’s Executive Order is a Backdoor Privatization of Medicare

From Naked Capitalism.

I've not yet closely studied the actual E.O., but I will.
Section 1. Purpose. The proposed Medicare for All Act of 2019, as introduced in the Senate (“Medicare for All”) would destroy our current Medicare program, which enables our Nation’s seniors and other vulnerable Americans to receive affordable, high-quality care from providers of their choice. Rather than upend Medicare as we know it, my Administration will protect and improve it...

More to come...

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