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Monday, October 7, 2019

"Covering Climate Now?" - or, just last month?

Well, this collaborative climate change media initiative launched to great fanfare during the second week of September. I've been posting topical updates ever since, given the importance of the issue.

Along the way I expressed one hope and concern--that the theme have "legs," and not turn out to be one more flashy yet transient press effort. While it's perhaps too early to draw a conclusion, I searched Google News just now for items on "Covering Climate Now."

Eighteen of the first 20 story citation returns said "Last Month," with two saying "Five Days Ago."

But, hey, how about those Green Bay Packers?


Bloomberg, at
"One way to slow climate change: Pay CEOs to protect the planet."
Teenage Girls Are Leading The Climate Movement—And Getting Attacked For It
A new movement of teenage climate activists — most of whom are girls — are getting dragged, doxed, hacked, and harassed online.

More to come... #CoveringClimateNow

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