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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Next up, 2020

Should be quite an eventful year. Presidential election year (ugh), with Trump (ugh) undergoing a fractious Senate impeachment trial amid all the maudlin political campaign hoopla. Obamacare is back in the judicial crosshairs yet again, global warming continuing apace largely unmitigated, health space digitech proceeding on multiple fronts, innovation conflated with hype at every turn...

My wife and BFF of 45 years turns 70 this New Year's Eve. My new grandson is to arrive 1st week of February (perhaps sooner). I will be mounting my counterattack on Parkinson's as I turn 74 in February, and will be pushing forward on a number of topical fronts in general as I see fit.


Finished this book. Excellent.

He's done his homework. And his candor is admirable (click the image).

Below, now under way.

Wonderfully written so far. Glad I picked this one too.
UPDATE: Finished it. Excellent. Five stars. I'm a sucker for the deftly turned phrase. Robert had my head spinning. On to the next one. Stay tuned.

May you all have a Happy and safe New Year. If you're traveling, I hope your hassles are not too onerous. I'm glad to be staying put this year.

One of my Facebook friends turned me on to these cats. Simply fabulous.


Re-read this interesting Arthur C. Brooks article on decline and "loss" as I reflect on my coming year(s).

More to come...

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