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Wednesday, December 21, 2022


Final Legal Notice

To, Robert Gladd
Address: 8210 Creek Water Lane Las Vegas NV 89123
Email: **********
This is last chance for you, to hold this Case File you must submit a minimum payment of $300.00
You can email us on below address for any query or payment mode;
This Legal Proceeding will be issued on your Docket Number DL-20731642 with one of Cash Advance Inc. Company to let you know that after making calls on your phone number, we were unable to reach out to you. So, the account's department of Cash Advance has decided to mark this case as a Flat Refusal and press Legal Charges against you.
CASE NO:  FGTM-98524L2
Amount Outstanding: $1200.00
Do revert if you want to get rid of these legal consequences and make payment arrangements today or else, we will be proceeding legally against you and this notification will also be sent to your current employer. The opportunity to take care of this voluntarily is quickly coming to an end. I regret to advise that unless payment is received before the end of this week this invoice will be passed over to our legal authority.  This could seriously affect your credit rating, so I urge you to contact us immediately to make payment or arrange an alternative before this date.
We will be forced to go ahead legally against you and once it proceeds to the Court House, the creditor has entire rights to tell your employer and your references about this issue and the lawsuit will be the next step which will be amounting to $6700.00 and will be totally levied upon excluding your attorney charges. If you take care of this matter out of court, then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and make sure that no one will contact you in the future.

Please let us know of your intention by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will send the paperwork to your local county sheriff department, and you will be served by court summons at your doorstep.
You can reply us on below address for more information;  
One scarcely knows where to begin. Perhaps we could start with a Google search for "CASE NO:  FGTM-98524L2." 'eh? 

I get this kind of crap all the time. Y'all probably do as well, right? These (cringingly English-as-a-2nd/3rd/4th language) phishers are relentless. Moronically so.

I sold that Las Vegas house in Sept. 2013, and moved back to California. I'd retired in May 2013. Didn't have Comcast email until after we'd relocated to the Bay Area. 

Idiots. They don't want to meet Bad Bobby.

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