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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 2 Health 2.0

Another packed day...

The A/V was pretty spectacular, gotta say.

Our Fearless Leader Matthew Holt!
Margaret Laws, CHCF
Indu Sabaiyah, MD.
"Shareable Ink" handwriting to structured data tool.
EMT real-time data capture and transmission app. That's the REC Stage 2 button on the lower right.
Man, I'm gettin' old. Can I see some ID?
We're the high tech people. But, hey, it works. They run a tight ship.
"Payment Reform Transparency" panel
Much to say on all of this shortly.

Health 2.0 Conference gets a Mayoral Proclamation.

Great to meet you, Fred.

I bought and reviewed his fine book (Kindle edition) under its former title "Meaningful Use and Beyond." I would make it mandatory REC reading.
Health 2.0 ‘Unmentionables’ Panel
October 9th, 2012

Is Your Bank Balance Making You Sick?
The ‘Unmentionables’ panel at Health 2.0 was a fascinating one with some great new perspectives. What are the unmentionables in healthcare and technology? Alex Drane, president of Eliza, believes that the real unmentionables in health are the real life factors that prevent us from being able to live the healthy life we know we should live. These factors include debt, caregiver stress, and other big events that knock people off track...
Read on...

Much more to come. Many more photos and a ton of reflections. I took copious notes. Tired. Off to BART to return to Walnut Creek and my sweetie after the lively, jammed cocktail reception.

Above, Doc Gurley and Barbara Feder Ostrov of USC's
Back to Walnut Creek...


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