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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday registration and pre-conference events

A quick photo essay from a perfect day. I will add reflective captions to these images shortly...

Walnut Creek BART station.
Hilton lobby.
Health 2.0 SF registration was a breeze.
Exhibitors' hall setup in progress.
Dr. Salber et al's new initiative.
They're video'ing all of the proceedings.
Down to business...
Staff are documenting everything.
Presenter Melissa Markey, Esq. Attorney and EMT (not kidding).
University of Google, beware.
After the pre-conference, I walked out of the hotel lobby to see this right across the street.
I love this town. I lived here in 1967-68 (in North Beach).
I love this town.
Did I say, I love this town?
Back to Walnut Creek. No problem.
I've spent the day in the company of a cadre of very smart and accomplished HIT legal minds. I am humbled. I've been taking copious notes, will get around to posting all of my thoughts.

Extremely well-run conference thus far. I am privileged to be here.

More to come. Keynote addresses in the morning. I'll be on the BART early.

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  1. Love the pics...sooo jealous!!! have a great time..lots of notes!!!

    Kevin J.