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Friday, October 5, 2012

Up next...
I'll be schlepping my camera gear, notepad, and laptop (above, some of my archived shots I've stashed on my wife's Powerbook in iPhoto, edited and tweaked a bit). Gonna give it the HIMSS12 treatment, and represent the REC POV.

5:45 pm, all set to go.

First up, on Sunday, 1 pm:
Health Law 2.0

Health 2.0 has created a pre-conference session entitled Health Law 2.0 that addresses the pressing legal issues for both large and small Health 2.0 companies. We have identified several key legal issues that face companies in the regulated world of health care and created two tracks of programming — one focused on Patient/Consumer Legal Issues and the other focused on Legal Issues with Providers, Plans and Life Sciences.

Much more to come. Gonna be a great week.


Okee Dokee... I waltzed into town on Virgin America, clueless, only to learn that there are: a 3-day Bluegrass festival under way over in Golden Gate Park ("Hardly Strictly Bluegrass") , America's Cup Race heats going on in the bay, US Navy Fleet Week in port (replete w/ Blue Angels overflight performances), SF Giants and 49'er games, Arizona at Stanford football, and UCLA at Cal Berkeley.

Shot this from the Sausalito ferry in 2009
And Health 2.0, among other things. A quiet weekend in SF.

My foray into downtown from Walnut Creek on BART to the pre-conference events tomorrow ought to be interesting.

Late afternoon, relaxing amid the quiet before the storm, view to the west.

“A well person is a patient who has not been completely worked up.”

Interesting THCB post, "The Art of Diagnosis"
...“clinical algorithms can be useful for run-of-the-mill diagnosis, distinguishing strep throat from viral pharyngitis, for example. But they quickly fall apart when a doctor needs to think outside their boxes, when symptoms are vague, or multiple and confusing, or when test results are inexact. In such cases — the kinds of cases where we most need a discerning doctor — algorithms discourage physicians from thinking independently and creatively. Instead of expanding a doctor’s thinking, they can constrain it.”If the doctor attends to the patient in front of him, not just by listening to him, but by observing him–perhaps even laying hands on him– he may realize that the patient just doesn’t fit on the tree...
...When a patient visits a doctor complaining of symptoms, he expects the doctor to diagnose what ails him. If he doesn’t, the patient is likely to view the visit a failure. 
For his part, the physician presented with a patient in pain quite naturally wants to solve the problem. His medical training has taught him that the resident who names the disease wins the gold star. Thus, both patient and doctor conspire to “insist” on a diagnosis.
If the doctor cannot find a satisfactory answer, or the patient does not respond to treatment for the diagnosed disease, the physician may become testy–and ultimately blame the patient... 
"Dia" - "gnosis"... "this, not that." Binary, differential choice of what is deemed to be causal in the search for remediation and cure. Decide this, to the exclusion of countervailing conclusions.

A nice THCB cautionary tale via which to reflect upon the glitterly enticements of "wellness apps," "big data" and "comparative effectiveness research."


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 Thanks Mrs Mariam Ahmed, Western union staff
 To think what I might have missed...

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