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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Health 2.0 2014 Day Three

Indu Sabaiya. The most consistently cheerful person in all of healthcare. Crazy smart. An utter delight to photograph. I added this shot to my Pinterest page. I have a Facebook album of some of my Vegas shots I call "My Women" (mostly entertainers). Indu and all of the other women of Health 2.0 would fit right in.

Day 3 photos and thoughts coming. Probably gonna take me into the weekend to fully assimilate everything I've just witnessed -- in addition to the multiple burning issues I've put on a rail siding in lieu of Health 2.0.

Interesting concurrent news item:
Venture capital in healthcare is flowing, but how long will it last?

With so much venture capital being foisted onto the digital health space, it’s beginning to beg the question: How long will this last, can it sustain itself, and what’s an entrepreneur to do? And, what are the implications for emerging companies versus traditional healthcare companies and systems?
Those were just a few of the burning questions discussed at Health 2.0‘s Pre, Post, M&A IPO panel held in Santa Clara...
Can't help but wonder: How much "Built-to-Flip" stuff is going on?

Another item:
KP CEO: Future care will be lifelong, patient-driven, and distributed

Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson believes three major trends are driving changes in the healthcare system, he said during his keynote on the final day of the Health 2.0 event in Santa Clara, California. Those include a shift to holistic, lifelong care; the rise of the patient as active healthcare consumer; and the decentralization of healthcare.

“Eventually, as we disrupt the healthcare system and as others on the outside get into healthcare, there is no question that the healthcare system is going to evolve from its current state of a ‘fix me’ system, to it’s future state as a total health system,” Tyson said. He added that right now, if you conceptually lay out the years of a person’s life from birth to death, most of our system’s spending on a person happens right before death. Creative opportunities lie in ways to “move and shift resources toward maximizing the healthy life years of individuals.”...
Bernard has big shoes to fill. See my earlier post about KP.

More H2.0 reporting:
Medisafe Grabs First Prize at Health 2.0’s Traction Startup Championship Competition

MediSafe, a mobile health medication management platform connecting patients and health providers has won first prize in this year’s Traction: Health 2.0’s Startup Championship.The top-rated and cloud-synced platform allows doctors to increase care quality between office visits by sending “automatic prescriptions” with take-as-directed instructions directly to patients through their mobile app.

Traction is part of Health 2.0’s Annual Fall Conference in Santa Clara, exhibiting innovative digital health solutions for both providers and consumers. Traction is not a pre-seed contest; rather the judges looked for companies scouting a Series A in the $2 – 12 M ranges...


"Neural prosthesis"? My SciFi imagination runneth over.
ONC Town Hall
The ONC Town Hall. They got an earful. I kept my mouth shut.

OK, we're done, time to hit the parking lot.
An hour later (~6:30), I've gone about 20 miles on my way back to Antioch.
This is on the 680.
Great conference.

More to come...

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