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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Health 2.0 2014 Day Two

I have to say, the lighting is good (except in a few of the smaller ballrooms). As it is at the HIMSS conferences. Some of the others I've attended, not so much. Having done a lot of live performance photography in Vegas during my many years living there (see these as well), I'm a bit spoiled to pro lighting (although, candidly, I was frequently whining to the FOH cats (Front of House) for more white spots, more evenly distributed (overdeployment of red and amber gels in particular are the bane of live performance ambient light photography).

My summary take on Health 2.0 2014 thus far is one of awe and respect for the mountain of fine apps programming I've seen on display, and a feeling of being humbled in the presence of so many incredibly smart and dedicated people. I have to wonder, though, about how many of the apps and systems I've seen this time around will still be up and running three years from now, notwithstanding the best efforts of these incredible people. I guess that's how progress has to work.

LOL. Brain Bleach Alert. You just can't unsee that.  Jonathan Bush and my pal Fred Trotter. Lordy. I tweeted that Jonathan Bush is "the Robin Williams of Health IT."

I'm behind on blogging this event, given that I really have not been feeling well all week. I'll catch up.

A high point of the day for me by far was the "Unmentionables" panel.

Particularly moving was Vic Strecher's presentation recounting his path since the death of his 19 yr old daughter. We talked afterward. He gave me a copy of his new book.

When Vic Strecher lost his daughter, Julia, to a rare heart disease, his world ended. Only it didn't. Vic's wife, Jeri, and older daughter, Rachael, were still very much alive, as were his two demanding careers. What did end was his worldview: one based on long-held assumptions and beliefs about life, death, disease, health, risk, and ultimate purpose-subjects on which he had been writing and speaking for years-but the validity of which he now questioned.

Vic's experience of being "broken open" (to take bestselling author Elizabeth Lesser's phrase) set him on a life transforming journey through ancient and modern philosophy, literature, psychology, neuroscience, and Egyptology. Along the way, Vic was introduced to an unlikely role model: a six-legged superhero whose unique relationship with a ball of excrement forever altered Vic's outlook. A self-help guide, college lecture, confessional, and time-travel adventure all rolled into one, On Purpose uses a beautiful, fantasy-fueled, graphic novel format to tell a story of self-discovery and personal growth you'll never forget.

From the Foreword: "Writing this book has given Vic Strecher a powerful sense of meaning. Reading it may do the same for you. It did for me. The light drives out the darkness and we can experience our world anew, filled with pleasure, joy, and meaning." - Dean Ornish, M.D.
 See also As a still-vestigially-grieving parent, I could totally relate. And, I can see that I still have much to learn.

More to come shortly. Gotta get moving and get over the the Convention Center.


Random shots from Day Two, starting with Vic's wellness app.

The fabulous "Unmentionables" panel: Alexandra Drane and Susannah Fox
Serious Underachiever Dr. Mike Painter of RWJF /s
Jonathan Bush demonstrates the Non-Latte Salute.
Esther Perel, author of "Mating in Captivity"


More to come...

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