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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Up next, Health 2.0 in Santa Clara

That's one of my pics of Indu, from day one of the 2012 Conference. A byline would have been nice; they didn't ask permission. That's just life online, though. After my friend Michael Grimm won America's Got Talent, bootleg "autographed" photos I'd taken of him started showing up on eBay for sale, asking about 100 bucks each. Like, 'whatever?' I let it pass. Some of my friends who me alerted to the pilfered pics were aghast, but, as a practical matter, chasing the perps down would not have been worth my time, and I doubt that anyone banked any serious coin from the scams. Michael didn't know anything about them.

I've covered Dr. Topol before, e.g., at HIMSS13.

My conference M.O. is to do a lot of photography, in order to give readers/viewers a visually vivid sense of what attending is like. The traditional Healthcare / Health IT press are always there in droves covering a lot of topical content in text-only detail. I've yet to see anyone doing what I do (I have no way to know, but I guess I'm doing something right; organizers keep inviting me back). I've seriously thought about getting a GoPro camera to do some walking-around video. There are a gazillion "videographers" at these conferences any more -- all of them doing standard "talking heads" stuff out in the halls. Anyone with a DSLR with HD video and an iMovie or Final Cut app is now a "Video Producer."

I'm scheduled for MGMA (Vegas) and the IHI Forum (Orlando) later this year. Maybe I'll pop for a GoPro.

Registration and agenda are here. Some of what will be going on is cited in a recent TCHB post:
The Must-See Digital Health Startups of 2014

Ten new digital health companies will demo their products for the first time in the Launch! session during the Health 2.0 8th Annual Fall Conference being held in Santa Clara, CA on September 21-24. Launch! is a contest held at 12:00 p.m PDT on Wednesday, September 24th, where the technology is demoed in three and a half minutes. At the end, the audience votes for their favorites. Previous Launch! winners have included Castlight Health, Basis, and OM*Signal. This year’s finalists:
  • Symptify helps the user navigate a series of questions to narrow down the cause of their symptoms while also helping them find a nearby medical facility.
  • Open Source Health MyAVA, uses Open Source health IT for a collaborative patient – physician educational and informational sharing platform for women. Advocating everything from female health, fertility, to healthy aging.
  • Intake.Me is a communication and patient engagement product that allows patients to check-in for their doctor’s visit from anywhere and attach medical records stored in their own virtual private health cloud.
  • Livongo Health introduces the brand new InTouch, which is a diabetes monitor, advisory and coaching service, community, and communications tool—all rolled into one. The concept is so exciting that it’s got Glen Tullman out of his post Allscripts “retirement” and back into the startup game.
  • builds apps with a mission – introducing a PHR that consolidates existing health records onto the user’s mobile device.
  • Hale Health’s founder Anna Larsonn left Apple to develop a new communication platform where patients can digitally connect, talk, and message directly with their doctors.
  • Curve Tomorrow is in partnership with the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, launching Sonny. It uses the XBOX Kinect to more accurately track the progress of physical rehab treatment.
  • InpharmD helps physicians make more informed decisions by digitizing the literature search experience. Supervised pharmacy students respond to their inquiries and help them practice according to the latest evidence.
  • ChatrHealth’s Cascadia is set of iPad-based modules that adapt the checklist functionality used by airline pilots to improve safety in in clinical situations, starting with anesthesia and surgery, and moving to other medical procedures.
  • ThriveOn uses a series of personality-based steps to help people take the small steps towards more balanced mental health. Interventions like “cooking dinner for friends” or “going for a healthy walk” are accompanied by the support of a live mental health professional.
While Launch! is in its 7th year of showing brand new technologies, Traction is a brand new competition focusing on the business plans of already successful companies, which are on the verge of raising Series A rounds of $2-$15M. The companies are mentored by experts and judged by a hard nosed panel of venture capitalists who will determine which can scale most quickly...

BTW: in addition to my cameras, I'm bringing my audio gear.

If you want to hook up and chat one-on-one for podcast publication, let me know. In addition to the obvious tech stuff, my interests run to all manner of healthcare improvement issues, ranging from clinical science (including medical education pedagogy) to workflow processes to empirical analytics to public policy to healthcare workforce "psychosocial health" -- i.e., "Just Culture."

See you in Santa Clara. Oh, yeah, in addition to my cameras and audio gear, I'm bringin' my own half and half. :) Rice milk? Soy milk? Seriously?

Bringing my axe too. Even after 55 years on it, I still need to practice every day.


Courtesy of THCB:

In this brilliantly fun mockumentary from German filmmaker Till Nowak, a man named Dr. Nick Laslowicz from the Institue for Centrifugal Research (ICR) recounts his “achievements in the realms of brain manipulation, excessive G-Force and prenatal simulations,” stating unequivocally that “gravity is a mistake.” What follows is a series of increasingly terrifying and equally absurd roller coasters that fling passengers into the sky in an attempt to theoretically improve their cognitive function. Pulling no stops, the fictional ICR has a fully active Facebook page and website, though in reality the film has won numerous awards in screenings around the world in the last year. (via the creators project, swissmiss)
Well, OK...

More to come...

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