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Monday, October 5, 2015

Health 2.0 2015 Symposium day

Had I known back in June when I registered that there would be a 49'ers game going on across the street at Levi Stadium, I'd probably have sprung for another night at the Hyatt Regency and come down on Saturday. I got here way ahead of time Sunday and avoided the crazy traffic, but it made for a rushed, too-early early morning.


First up, "Health Care Futurist" opening Keynoter Joe Flower.

Advise you to take up this offer. Buy the book, too. Well worth your time.

The remainder of "Innovating Care Delivery Symposium" day was comprised of four panel discussion sessions, a "sponsored case study, and two short product showcases. Impressive people and apps, all of them.

The panels:
  • Transitioning To Value-Based Care
  • Tools for Improving Clinical Workflow
  • Care Coordination & Tools for Collaboration
  • Fostering New Innovations

Candidly, the only session that lost me was the "workflow" panel. I found precious little discussion of the actual operational particulars of workflow -- the complex, time-pressured, high cognitive burden sequential and concurrent physical, electronic, and cognitive tasks that comprise daily clinical work. I tweeted a link to something I'd once had to say about the issue (HIT audit log mining). See also my November 2014 post "Clinical workflow: "YAWL," y'all?" And, my related March 2014 post "Chuck Webster's "Pragmatic Interoperability," continued..."

I have to repeat; if you want the full skinny on clinical workflow and its HIT nexus, you simply must spend significant time hanging out at Dr. Jerome Carter's excellent EHR Science.

Interesting: At one point during the live-mic audience Q&A, someone posed a question along the lines "are all of these proposed 'innovations' digital? Is there nothing else?"

Yeah. Reminded me of my coverage of this year's Lean Health Care Transformation Summit in Dallas. Along with my "Talking Stick" rant. All of which go to organizational culture and "Leadership."


Farzard wold be proud.


I can see I'm gonna be behind the curve all week, given my daily mid-day interruptions shlepping up to Pleasant Hill and back to and from my radiation treatments (today I finish week 4 of 9, tx 20 of 45). Ugh. Starting to feel tired a lot, and baked in the lower groin. No surprise there.

Hope to be back in time for Chelsea Clinton's keynote.


More to comes...

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