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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Health 2.0 2015 Day 1

BobbyG loves it when the lighting is good.

Lights up...

Lots to think about. Having to jump offsite up the 680 to Pleasant Hill and back for radiation tx made it a frantic day. Mercifully, traffic was light when we left at 10:30, and equally so coming back. More of the same today. Hope the traffic Gods bless me again.

First, a few of my best shots of the day.

Chelsea Clinton blew me away. She never once looked down at the lectern (I don't think she had any notes), there was no teleprompter, and she delivered a flawless Keynote, never once so much as stepping on a syllable. Poise and grace.

Fanboy, much? Yeah, the ballroom was full of them after she finished.

I got to shoot good pics of her Daddy at HIMSS 13. At HIMSS 14, though, they wouldn't let the media in to her Mom's keynote. We had to watch it on CCTV in the press room. That sucked.

A few more shots for now.

The Chief Technology Officer of HHS, Susannah Fox. They chose well when they hired her.

Frank Ingari, CEO of NaviNet

Dr. Mike Painter of RWJF.

Kym Martin, Principal, 360 Degree Insights LLC
Dr. Margaret Cary, The Cary Group

Below, an Oopsie in the interactive audience poll...

Groan...a two'fer...

All I have time for now. Gotta get dressed. I have a ton more shots.

More to come...


  1. Whoops! nideed, Will have our grammaticians flogged!

  2. Shame I missed Health 2.0 2015. I will definitely go to the conference this year and post a similar article on my own Health Tech blog :) Thanks for the pictures and information. Joe