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Friday, October 2, 2015

Roseburg, Oregon

See my August 26th post "Docs vs Glocks." See also my December 2012 post "Force Majeure."

I just heard GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee make the reflexive "Good Guy With a Gun" argument, in pointing out that it was an armed cop who took down the shooter at UCC in Oregon.


I saw an interview yesterday with one of the students at UCC, a guy who was a military veteran, and who was carrying a concealed weapon at the time and was on campus. He said that the reason he didn't go after the active shooter was that he was afraid that law enforcement would think HE was one of the perpetrators. So much for the "good guy with a gun" solution theory.

I guess we shouldn't even have official, trained law-enforcement. Let's just have a Wild, Wild West with n-dimensional summary vigilante "justice." Let the "good guys" just shoot it out with the "bad guys," to the extent that anyone can figure out just exactly who is whom in the heat of the exigent circumstances, and assuming that the "good guys" will invariably "win" (and nearly always reactively after one or more innocents have been maimed or killed) at a rate significantly higher than would official law-enforcement.

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