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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Let Us Prey

U.S. "Christian Nationalists" are making plans for us.

The Project 2025 BC folks have some “competition.”
 Get a load of this crew.

the entirety of their website.
We foresee a nation building great projects of civic and cultural renaissance. A society with strong leadership committed to family and culture. A society that nurtures, rather than rejects, virtue. A society that seeks the good and the beautiful, and abjures ideology.

We are raising accountable leaders to help build thriving communities of free citizens, who will reclaim a humane vision of society while rebuilding the frontier-conquering spirit of America. A new thing for a new day, informed by the wisdom of the past but facing the future.

A brotherhood of faith and solidarity.

The past is sealed. The future is open. As the great men of the West bequeathed their deeds to us, so must we leave a legacy for our children. Through associations bound by a common vision, we strengthen the ties that bind us together as Americans and free men. The works raised by our hands to this end will last long after we are buried.


A man is no longer encouraged to fly to the stars, to tame the wilderness, to plant the seeds that his children will inherit. Rather, those who rule today spit on such ambitions; they corrupt the sinews of America. They have alienated men from family, community, and God. We counter and conquer this poison, rebuilding a society where a man can find genuine fulfilment, true to his nature and calling, rejoicing in virtue and vitality.


The mark and its seal evoke the goals of the Society and signify what binds the members of the Society.

The mark evokes two versions of the Cross used in early Christianity: Saint Peter’s Cross and the Anchor Cross. The former is a symbol of faithful humility; the latter of stability and hope—both within a Trinitarian framework, and rejecting Modernist philosophies and heresies.

The mark is both sword and shield, the first the traditional symbol of temporal authority, the second a symbol of defense of the weak, the widow and the orphan, and of all those under sustained attack by the powers of the current age.

The mark looks backward, but it also looks forward and upward. A new America, for a new age, informed by the wisdom of the old—the future Renaissance. The goal of the Society is renewal, returning to success, heedless of nostalgia. The mark shows a supported reaching for the sky, demanding of us that we excel in the works of Man, under the eyes of God.

A word on joining the effort.

Membership in the Society, which is organized primarily around local groups overseen by a national superstructure, is by invitation only.
That's it. No contact links, nothing else. Below, a couple of media sources have unearthred some rather jiggy internal documentation:

Mission Statement - Internal
Our aim is to build and maintain a robust network of capable men who can reverse our society's decline and return us to the successful path off which America has strayed.

We acknowledge our intellectual, political, and social inheritance, of both America's founding and of Christendom. We are un-hyphenated Americans and we believe in a particular Christianity that is not blurred by modernist philosophies. We ambitiously point to an ideal based on that dual inheritance. We are willing to act decisively to secure permanently, as much as anything is permanent, the political and social dominance of that ideal.

To that end, our organization seeks to recruit men of good character whose loyalties are grounded in strong virtue, correct religion, the moral life, and piety toward their forebears. Most of all, we seek those who understand the nature of authority and its legitimate forceful exercise in the temporal realm. Our conviction is that a brotherhood of these men will form the backbone of a renewed American regime that will reflect the past while facing, and vigorously shaping, the future.

Mission Statement - Public
America is in a state of crisis. Decadence and corruption abound, from the streets of West Hollywood to the board rooms of Wall Street, and in many unnamed and unknown places in between. "Citizenship" has little meaning in the morass of social dysfunction and unaccountability that has become our republic. ''Virtue" has become a term of derision rather than an achievable ideal.

Our aim is to provide the framework, and the resources, for a way forward for ordinary citizens to reclaim a humane vision of society. Community, virtue, wisdom, strength, and solidarity are our watchwords. We seek a vigorous civic renewal that will reflect the past while facing the future.

1: Identify and provide formation for local elites who are today largely outside formal power structures but who are capable of exercising authority and who are aligned with our goal of complete civic renewal. We believe in intellectual and spiritual development, but our formation is aimed at concrete temporal achievements, not furthering intellectual discussion.

2: Actively assist local elites to build-out and maintain fraternal networks which will advance both the members of those networks and our collective goals, in all areas of life. Such advancement will include direct preferential treatment for members, especially in business.

3: Coordinate allied fraternal networks, in business and other organizational areas, to achieve our goals in activities to which a political awareness can be brought, but has not traditionally been brought by those wishing to defend our values. These include hiring and promotion; award of contracts; internal policies and procedures; and leadership succession.

4: Defend fraternal networks, our own and allies, against attacks by those opposed to civic renewal, and strongly deter such attacks.

5: Collect, curate and document a list of potential appointees and hires for an aligned future regime. These may be the same men described in Objective 1, but need not be necessarily. More likely, they would be next generation-not founding participants, but those who joined as the project of civic renewal grows deep roots. That is, men who "grow up in the system."




Membership in SACR is predicated on political alignment and faithfulness to the Christian religion, combined with virtue and with any of community influence, capability, or wealth. Once a prospective member passes the minimal bar of alignment and Trinitarian identity, he should demonstrably embody the virtuous practice of our faith and possess the qualities that will ensure his ability to contribute meaningfully to our project. Each quality is explained further below; they are in no particular order, and should not be considered exhaustive.

Alignment: To be aligned is to acknowledge "our political and social inheritance, of both America's founding and of Christendom," which entails deference to and acceptance of the wisdom of our American and European Christian forebears in the political realm, a traditional understanding of patriarchal leadership in the household, and an acceptance of traditional Natural Law in ethics more broadly.

Virtue: Evidence of long-lasting relationships; restraint and self-denial; household management; leadership and orderliness; and courage in speaking against the injustices of our age.

Faithfulness: Submission to the authority and standards of behavior of a particular Trinitarian Christian body; adherence to traditional Christian sexual ethics; taking ownership as head of the household in terms of leading regular prayer and spiritual reading and reflection; involvement in parish/church ministries; regular tithing.

One or more of:

Influence: To be influential in this context is to possess the ability to make a mark primarily on culture and social discourse but also in politics and business. The positions here can range from equity ownership in productive enterprises to positions of influence in cultural, religious and intellectual institutions.

Capability: This entails high capability in skills useful for our organization and the businesses it will be affiliated with (e.g., any skill conducive to the technical work of productive entrepreneurship; lawfare; cybersecurity).

Wealth: This is measured in terms of overall financial attainment as well as ultimately, willingness to put such resources to use in our cause.

Levels of membership:

We conceive of Chapter membership as consisting of multiple levels: "Junior" membership and regular membership, which will be furrher split into "associate" and "full" membership, roughly corresponding to level of professional and personal experience and abilities as well as demonstrated level of commitment 1-0 our objectives.

Junior Membership
: Junior Members will be younger (20s to early 30s) men who demonstrate the qualities above, but in nascent form. Dues will be at a reduced rate, and they will not be included, generally in national discussions.

Regular Membership
: Regular Members will be men of all ages who demonstrate the qualities above in a matured and accomplished form. Dues will be slightly higher, and they will be included at varying levels in national discussions and have access to information at the national and inter-chapter level. A further distinction should be made between "associate" and "full" Members.

Associate Membership
: The primary distinction between Junior Members and Regular Associate Members will be age (though this is not determinative, and some Associate Members may be younger), experience and accomplishments.

Full Membership: Full Membership is reserved for those with significant skin in the game with respect to our mission and objectives and demo111strated commitment over time.

National leadership is reserved for those members the national Board deem appropriate to include in national planning, strategy and operations. In most cases these will be Full Members.

All members are obligated to pay dues timely, attend at least twelve gatherings per year, and to adhere to the Rules for Gatherings noted below.


The process of vetting begins with the passive knowledge of or pre-existing relationships with prospects among members.

The above membership criteria should be distributed among Chapter members so they can internalize it and be on the lookout for prospects.
Once identified, a prospect should be discussed with Chapter leadership with the following knowledge:
  • Denominational affiliation
  • Profession
  • Marital status
  • Brief description of fitness for membership based on above criteria
If Chapter leadership deems the prospect worthy of consideration, the prospect should be invited to a Chapter event, where the Rules for Gatherings for all attendees are explained and agreed to in advance.

At the gathering, the following are some suggested prompts for discussion with the prospect to gauge alignment and fit:
  • What are your thoughts on the Republican Party?
  • What are your thoughts on "Christian Nationalism"?
  • Comment on the Trump presidency and what it entails for the future.
  • Describe the dynamic of your household in terms of your role and that of your wife.



In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit we call upon the help of God to establish, empower, and guide us in our mission of civic renewal. May God unite us in this mission as Joshua’s men when they defeated the mighty walls of Jericho as Nehemiah’s men who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, as Saint Constantine's men when they conquered in the sign of the Cross. May the light of Christendom be restored in our homeland and may America not fall to those who hate God. May God establish our civil authorities as his ministers of justice and may we and our sons never partake from the table-scraps of the enemies of God but rely forever on God's generous providence. Through our loyal cooperation and perseverance under God, may he develop in us all necessary shrewdness and strength, and may our sons live to see the commonplace grateful reception in our homeland of God's gifts: of human nature, sanctified marriage and children and grandchildren, and the renewal of all good and proper earthly labors, especially those of the patriarch and statesman. May God show his mercy upon America and bless us as we entrust our lives and mission to God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Short Prayer - Regular Meetings

As we gather this evening/ we call upon the help of God to establish, empower, and guide us in our mission of civic renewal. Through our loyal cooperation and perseverance under God, may he develop in us all necessary shrewdness and strength, and may our sons live to see the commonplace grateful reception in our homeland of the natural law, Christian truth, and all good and proper earthly labors, especially those of the patriarch and statesman. May God show his mercy upon America and bless us as we entrust our lives and mission to God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

Shocking Online Manifesto Reveals Project 2025’S Link To A Coordinated ‘Christian Nationalism Project’
The Statement on Christian Nationalism” seeks to implement a Scripture-based system of government whereby Christ-ordained “civil magistrates” exercise authority over the American public.

Draft Authors: James Silberman, Dusty Deevers.
Contributing Editors: William Wolfe, Joel Webbon, Jeff Wright, Cory Anderson.

CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM is a set of governing principles rooted in Scripture’s teaching that Christ rules as supreme Lord and King of all creation, who has ordained civil magistrates with delegated authority to be under Him, over the people, to order their ordained jurisdiction by punishing evil and promoting good for His own glory and the common good of the nation.

Christian Nationalism is primarily concerned with the righteous rule of civil authorities, not spiritual matters pertaining to salvation. The desire for a Christian nation is not a distraction from the Gospel but rather an effort to faithfully apply all of Scripture to all of life, including the public square. As such, Christian Nationalism is not just for civil authorities, just as submitting to Christ’s Lordship is not just for civil authorities but for all people. After the Lord Jesus declared His sovereign authority (Matthew 28:18), He gave the Great Commission and commanded His followers, empowered by His everlasting presence, to make disciples of “all nations”  and to baptize them and “teach them to obey all that I have commanded” (Matthew 28:19-20). Our Lord did not exclude all civil authorities from the command to submit to His authority and display allegiance to Him…

Article I: The Source of Truth
WE AFFIRM that the Bible is God’s Word, breathed out by Him as the only sufficient, certain, inerrant, infallible, necessary, and final authority for all saving knowledge, faith (what we must believe), and obedience (how we must live). We affirm that the light of nature in man and God’s works in creation and providence reveal God’s power and nature, leaving civil authorities without excuse for failing to govern justly as His servants, yet this knowledge is insufficient for repentance unto life in salvation. All truth claims and ethical standards must be tested by God’s final Word, which is Scripture alone. We affirm that the Bible is clear in all essential matters.

WE DENY that true beliefs, good character, or good conduct can be dictated by any authority other than God’s revelation.

Article II: Orthodox Christian Faith
WE AFFIRM that nations are commanded to honor God by officially affirming the orthodox Christian faith as historically and universally defined and affirmed in the creeds (e.g., Apostle’s Creed, Nicene Creed, Athanasian Creed). We affirm that many denominational confessions articulate the orthodox Christian faith. We affirm that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, revealed in Scripture alone, to the glory of God alone.

Article III: The Standard of Justice

WE AFFIRM that God’s Word is authoritative on everything to which it speaks, and we affirm that God’s Word speaks abundantly regarding the nature and importance of civil government and justice. We affirm that God's moral law is enduring and binding on all people throughout all time, including civil authorities and nations, and that it is summarily comprehended in the Ten Commandments. We further affirm that every political thought must be taken captive to the obedience of Christ. We affirm that Christ will judge every civil authority according to their conformity to His command.

WE DENY that there is any objective standard by which to discern justice from injustice outside of God’s revelation, written on the heart and most perfectly revealed in Scripture. We deny that faithful civil authorities may rule autonomously from the rule of Christ. We deny that God approves of Christians embracing any political ideology or position prohibited by Scripture.

Article IV: The Definition of a Nation
WE AFFIRM that a nation is not merely an idea, abstract principle, or ideology but tangibly defined by a particular body of people in a particular place. We affirm that a particular people are necessarily bound together by a shared culture, customs, history, and lineage while sharing common interests, virtues, languages, and worship. We affirm, in regards to “place” that a nation is definitively set by both its borders and times physically defined by God (Acts 17:26). Thus, we affirm that nations should rightly maintain autonomous government of their people and place, with the necessary rights and duties to (1) prioritize the security of its people by maintaining its borders, providing for its common defense, and repelling invasions from without and insurrections from within; (2) promote the prosperity of its citizens; and, (3) enforce justice.

WE DENY that a nation should cede its sovereignty to international bodies that may subvert the will of the national interest for a global order. We deny any efforts to establish a “one world” governmental system before the return of Christ, as such efforts are a reenactment of the Tower of Babel. We further deny that sovereign nations must only be composed of mono-ethnic populations to be united under God. Therefore, as Christian Nationalists, we utterly repudiate sinful ethnic partiality in all its various forms.

Article V: The Nature of Christ’s Lordship and Kingdom
WE AFFIRM that in addition to possessing the titles of Savior, Messiah, and many others, Jesus, the Son of God, Who is truly God, is also the King of all earthly kings, the Lord of all earthly lords, and the Lawmaker for all earthly lawmakers. He is the possessor of all authority in heaven and on earth. We affirm that as God, Jesus Christ is preeminent over all creation, sovereignly rules over all things visible and invisible in heaven, earth, and hell, and ordains all things according to the counsel of His perfect will for the good of those in Him. We affirm that in His mediatorial rule, Christ rules by His Spirit and Word through the saints in their earthly authority. We also affirm that as sovereign King of kings, Christ has commanded all civil authorities, Christian and non-Christian alike, to execute His will on the earth to orient humankind toward Himself through the moral law. We affirm that Christ alone, through the blood of His cross, grants repentance and forgiveness of sins to reconcile sinners to His Father.
WE DENY any theology which would seek to segregate sacred aspects of life, where God’s Word is authoritative, and supposedly secular aspects of life, where the Christian must operate by a standard other than God’s Word. We deny any theology which claims that bringing God’s Word into the civil sphere is unwise, unfruitful, sinful, or anything other than fitting and required. We deny that Jesus’ kingship and lordship are merely heavenly or that His Word is only authoritative over confessing Christians. We deny that, solely by virtue of their claims to authority or the claims of those who support them, any human or group of humans who claim to be civil authorities are, in actuality, recognized by God to be civil authorities...

OK, you get the idea. Upon reconsideration, I took out the rest. A waste of bandwidth. They ramble on through more than s dozen more "Articles" asserting patriarchal Christian biblical authority over every detail of American life.

Props to Jennifer Cohn, Bucks County Beacon.
Pretty much the same schtick, perhaps a tad less snarlingly aggressive.

Among other things, these folks want to outlaw IVF.
To IVF critics … an embryo is just a very young person. “The only real difference between those frozen embryos and me sitting here having this conversation with you is time,” Katy Faust, the president of the anti-abortion nonprofit Them Before Us, told me. “If you believe that children have a right to life, and that life begins at conception, then ‘Big Fertility’ as an industry is responsible for more child deaths than the abortion industry.” Faust’s organization argues from a “children’s rights” perspective, meaning it also believes that IVF is wrong, in part, because it allows single women and homosexual couples to have babies, which deprives children of having both a mother and a father.

This leads to the other major criticism of IVF: that the process itself is so unnatural that it devalues sex and treats children as a commodity. The argument to which many religious Americans subscribe is that having children is a “cooperative act among husband, wife, and God himself,” John M. Haas, a former president of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, has written. “Children, in the final analysis, should be begotten not made.”…
Full article here.


Yeah, right. Mr. Piety.
Random note: I'm a "small-a" atheist, which simply means "without theology," nothing more. A fully-recovered Episcopalian, subsequently a dilettante UU, and a stable, long-time secular Zen Sympathizer. I find anthropomorphic / speciocentric wishful-thinking stuff of nil interest. There's too much of exigent importance to reflect and act upon.

Christian Nationalism is Both Smear and Savior to Many Christians
By Paul A. Djupe, Denison University

All it took was some imprecise language from a Politico reporter to fire up the outrage machine. If it means that the rights and liberties of the Constitution were granted by God, then “Christian nationalism” is a smear applied to the broadest swath of the population that simply associates democracy with godliness…

It seems clear that many Christian nationalists do not like being labeled as such even as they see Christian nationalism as a substantive idea that they agree with for restoring Christians to societal dominance. The elite ploy, of course, has been to try and delegitimize opponents who are accurately labeling them. And they use accusations that opponents are trying to take away their rights by calling them Christian nationalists to feed the Christian persecution complex that has been so successful at mobilizing supporters. The fact that those feigning outrage are actually supporters is unlikely to stop them.
Fine piece. Read all of it

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