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Sunday, March 24, 2024


"Onward, Christian Soldiers..."

Fully-recovered Episcopalian here (former choir boy). If I had a dollar for every time I had to sing that thing...

They're now apparently increasingly taking that "Christian Soldiers" thing literally ("Playtriots?" or, outright Insurrectionists?). We'll see, 'eh? I'm reminded of the marginally more secular yet equally poignant Bundys.

Current read (one of them). Almost done. Pretty sad, actually. What her parents called "righteous Christian Moral Upbringing" I call Child Abuse.

I wrote a song about religion once. Long time ago. Has sort of a 3/4 time Loggins & Messina 70’s groove to it.

Just getting started. Stay tuned. BTW: The "Spiritual Warriors" YouTube video came from this organization.
Click here.

Right up the road in Towson. I was not aware of them. Very good. Will have to study up.

apropos of the ICJS documentary at the top of this post:

A good use of an hour of your time
Also, I finished Sarah's book. It made me at once extremely sad and angry. Will have more to say there shortly. One excellent quote:

OK, I'll just drop this snippet in for now, from an October 2023 post of mine:
14.5 Living With Uncertainty
Without uncertainty, there would be no hope, no ethics, and no freedom of choice. It is only because we do not know what the future holds for us (e.g., the exact time and manner of our own deaths) that we can have hope. It is only because we do not know exactly the future results of our choices that our choice can be free, and can pose a true ethical dilemma. Moreover, there is much uncertainty in the world, and one of our most basic choices is whether we will accept that uncertainty as a fact or try to run away from it. Those who choose to deny uncertainty invent a stable world of their own. Such people’s natural desire to reduce uncertainty, which may be basic to the whole cognitive enterprise of understanding the world, is taken to the extreme point where they believe uncertainty does not exist…

Hastie, Reid; Dawes, Robyn M.. Rational Choice in an Uncertain World (p. 333). SAGE Publications. Kindle Edition.


We havin' fun yet?
Nonetheless, notwithstanding the yucks, let's not lose sight of the serious aspect (from my "Let Us Prey" post cited above).

Oh, please...

OK, Affirm or Deny whatever rings your bells to your hearts’ content. On your own dimes. Leave the rest of us out of it. We will not passively submit.
UPDATE per Dobbs
Tuesday March 26, 2023, SCOTUS Orals on outlawing mifepristone


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