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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Health Information Technology news items


LAST MONTH, IN a Safeway supermarket in Casa Grande, Arizona, Akos Med Clinics opened the “medical clinic of the future,” which uses augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and telemedicine to treat patients who walk in. It was the 11th Akos clinic in the state, each one tucked inside of a Safeway.

The pairing of clinic chain and supermarket chain has been fortuitous, Akos executives say. To start, there is the natural parallel between the speed and efficiency of self-checkout at the supermarket and the speed and efficiency of the Akos clinics. Just as there is no cashier at self-checkout at Safeway, there is no doctor or nurse at an Akos clinic. Instead patients are guided by AR-enabled computers to record basic measurements of themselves—weight, temperature, blood pressure, and blood oxygen content—as well as images of their ear, nose, and throat, and sounds made by their chest, lung, and abdomen.

The results are relayed to the company’s headquarters, where a medical professional speaks to the patient via video linkup, so-called telemedicine, and is aided in diagnosis by artificial intelligence. There is an assistant at the clinic who can perform blood tests as a follow-up or call 911, if needed; prescriptions can be emailed to a pharmacy.

Akos has found Safeway super­markets a good fit in another way too—the markets had plenty of clinic space available, recently built. A different company had abruptly abandoned its dream of using supermarkets and pharmacies to host its new medical technology. You may have heard of the outfit. It’s called Theranos…
Ahhh... Theranos.

Good article. Read all of it.
...These innovations assume that the problems with the medical system—the unaffordability, the lack of doctors in some areas—cannot be fixed through collective action (Medicare for all comes to mind), but must be cleverly managed.
In other words, medical hacks, masquerading as medical solutions.

Consolidated Healthcare institutions, Insurance companies, Pharmaceutical companies and Health Information Technology companies (CHIPHIT complex)
From The Health Care Blog.
"...If we hope to have the healthcare system we need, society must redirect resources away from the CHIPHIT complex and into the hands of those who unambiguously prioritize a holistic, high quality, low cost and egalitarian healthcare system."
Assumes facts not in evidence, Your Honor (not that I disagree with the sentiment).


I launched this blog 10 years ago tomorrow (that's 332.045 Scaramuccis). Thanks for reading it. I've tried to effectively address the gamut of issues. And I will continue, on a broader scale. Stay tuned.

The latest on our stressful transcontinental move, btw.

More to come...

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