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Friday, May 10, 2019, Day One of Year Eleven

OK, where do I go from here?

Monday, May 10th, 2010 I launched this solo pro bono effort as our QIO/REC work commenced on the (now widely mocked) ONC Meaningful Use initiative. While it began as sort of an online "diary" of my work, I've taken it topically wherever I thought broadly useful and relevant. I will likely continue with that M.O. going forward. I have some specific ideas I'm not yet ready to reveal as we continue to try to fully settle in from our crazy move to Baltimore. Stay tuned.

Ten years. Eligible to be tried as an adult.


Researchers Now Have Even More Proof That Air Pollution Can Cause Dementia

A few years ago I stood in a cramped trailer beside the busy 110 freeway in Los Angeles as researchers at the University of Southern California gathered soot thrown off by vehicles pounding by just a few yards from their instruments, which rattled whenever a heavy truck passed. I was there to learn about how scientists were beginning to link air pollution—from power plants, motor vehicles, forest fires, you name it—to one of the least understood and most frightening of illnesses: dementia.

At that time, as I reported in Mother Jones, the research implicating air pollution as one factor that can contribute to dementia was alarming, consistent, and, ultimately, “suggestive.” Since then scientists have published a wave of studies that reveal that air pollution is much worse for us than we had previously imagined.  The evidence is so compelling, in fact, that many leading researchers now believe it’s conclusive. “I have no hesitation whatsoever to say that air pollution causes dementia,” says Caleb Finch, gerontologist and the leader of USC’s Air Pollution and Brain Disease research network, which has completed many of these new studies. In terms of its effects on our health and welfare, Finch says, “air pollution is just as bad as cigarette smoke.” This evidence arrives alongside the alarming news that air quality is actually worsening for many cities in the United States, while the Trump Administration continues its effort to delay or roll-back environmental safeguards…
But, hey,

My late Dad spent the last seven years of his 92 in dementia-addled befuddlement in VA long-term care. It was not fun.


More to come...

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