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Monday, June 5, 2023

Quick drought update.

Lake Mead water level.

 Ahhh... the infamous "Bathtub Ring." Looking back from the top of Hoover Dam. I've been there and shot pics there many times during my 21 years living in Las Vegas. The vertical distance from the top of the bathtub ring to the water surface level is now more than 150 feet.
I continue to update an Excel sheet monthly, tracking the water level decline since January 2000.
Interestingly, in the wake of this past winter's repeated severe western watershed blizzards, the Lake Mead water level has risen a bit more than 8 feet across the past two months. Hardly makes a dent in the average annual decline.
Here in Baltimore, while we are not yet formally in drought conditions, our area rainfall is now more than 7 inches below average. And, our sky of late has been an ugly gray-yellow haze, owing to the Canadian wildfires currently ravaging the breadth of that nation from Nova Scotia and Quebec to Manitoba and Alberta Provinces.
No rain predicted here in BMore before next week.
Stay tuned...

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