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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Sam Bankman-Fried, guilty on all 7 felony counts

That (surprisingly?) took just a mere few hours (~5). Next? Remanded to remain in MCC pending sentencing (in March 2024)? Hey, I know! We'll let your jive ass out on bail to go do some on-the-ground Effective Altruism interim humanitarian work in Gaza. The Bayesian Priors are maxed-out up front (in myriad 30-ft deep bomb craters), the Expected Value dwarfs any of the speculative virtue-signaling bullshit you, your brother, your Dad, and Mother spewed ad nauseum).

Enough of this guy. Save one final worthy citation.

Over the course of the trial, the jurors were largely spared an extended discussion of the doctrines of effective altruism, although Ellison did mention at one point that Bankman-Fried’s pure utilitarianism left him unbothered by the ethical strictures—don’t lie, don’t steal—with which ordinary people are saddled. For what it’s worth, most effective altruists express a belief in utilitarianism “with side constraints”—that is, their aspirations to do the greatest good for the greatest number tend to be leavened with the normie morality of at least the major Commandments, if not all ten. Effective altruism was, however, present in style if not in substance. Even the most winning E.A.s—a group that includes Nishad Singh, someone I personally liked very much when I interviewed him eighteen months ago—are the most pedantic people alive. They believe they speak the mathematically precise language of the knowable universe. When Singh took the stand and banged on about things like auto-deleveraging events and liquidity backstop providers, the judge, his patience with E.A. specificity wearing thin, cut him off: “You stick to answering the questions that are asked, O.K.?”

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